Metaverse for shoppingmall
Metaverse with commercial space that gives consumers a multiverse buying/shopping experience.
Holder Benefits
Visual Identity in the Jinverse.
50% of Secondary Market Royalties go to DAO wallet.
10% of subscription fees from J-Terminal and J-Pay go to DAO wallet.
Access to DAO Community which provides early access to our future products and latest news.
Jinverse Products
Jinkou Avatar
An avatar, customizable with custom airdrops or cosmetics available in the marketplace.
Merchants Retailverse
A retail metaverse for merchants.
Retailverse Products
Coupons, vouchers or products by the merchants with metaverse authenticity.
Jinkou NFTs act as your visual identity inside the Jinverse. In order for the users to interact with the Jinverse world, they need an avatar.
New users who do not own any of Jinkou NFTs can either purchase a readily available avatar from Magic Eden or use the default avatar. They can later on purchase other cosmetics in the Jinkou official marketplace.
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Jinkou Airdrop
Jinkou holders will receive airdrops containing Jin-Ava cosmetics, from head to toe. They will be sent to holders regularly, periodically.
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