Building Web3 Commerce Ecosystem
Web3 Ecosystem for Future Commerce
Jinkou is a Web3 ecosystem for Commerce. We make it possible for traditional commerce and eCommerce to adopt Cryptocurrency easily.
Jinkou offers Multichain Crypto Payment Gateway, (J-Pay), In-store Crypto Payment Terminal (J-Terminal) and Jinverse, a metaverse featuring commercial properties which will let consumers have multiverse shopping or buying experience.
1200 Unique Jin to 0wn
Jinkou is a collection of 1,200 generative avatars with hundreds of elements inspired by the real world fashion.
Each artwork is original, with its own color palette and creation. The objective was to make each Jinkou unique in order to prioritize quality above quantity.
Our Web3 Solutions for Commerce
Multichain Crypto Payment Gateway which can be integrated with popular commerce platform such as Woocommerce and Shopify
Multichain Payment Terminal system that can be easily used by in-store and retail commerce space.
Metaverse with commercial space which will give a multiverse buying/shopping experience to consumers
Stage 1
Strategic Web3 Adoption and Penetration
Build Payment ecosystem in existing commerce infrastructure by developing Crypto Payment Gateway for eCommerce, Crypto Payment Terminal for Retail Store called J-Pay
Stage 2
Commerce Migration to Web3
Build Commercial lots in metaverse where existing J-Pay merchant can own/rent lots
Stage 3
Multiverse Experience for Consumers
NFT builder enabling Merchant to easily give incentives in-store/ecommerce purchases with NFTs
Who Are We?
Jack Will
Graduated as a Civil Engineer and began his career as Project Engineer for a few major oil and gas companies such as PTT, Shell, and Chevron. He then advanced his career as a business strategist and consulting for an engineering firm before becoming an entrepreneur. Now, he’s a full-time business owner and currently working on developing Web3 infrastructure.
Adib Har
Previously worked as a Marketing and Media Executive at one of the best travel companies in Malaysia. Created everything from Branding, Marketing ads, Video and Photo look of the company. He has also worked with one of the top oil and gas companies building their marketing material for an international event. Before getting into marketing, he was an application engineer at 3 different companies.
Wan, MSc
Blockchain Dev
Master in Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Worked as a software engineer at big companies and few startups in Japan and Malaysia. Early adopter of multiple blockchain’s smart contract including Solana and Terra (Rust programming). Over the last few years, he has been actively involved in developing and maintaining payment terminals and payment software for web2 companies.
Devc, MSc
Front End Dev
Experienced Front End Blockchain Developer. Started several web2 full-stack startups before involving in the blockchain world. Actively exploring smart contracts and web3 with the belief of improving universal payment problems in fiats.
Community Manager
From a 9–5 job as a Veterinarian at one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Malaysia and a part-time Financial Advisor, one day she accidentally swallowed the magical orange pill. She left her fiat jobs to dedicate herself to crypto and hasn’t looked back. Don’t ask her anything because she believes crypto is the answer to everything. 1+1= Bitcoin.
Aurora B.
Community Manager
Holds Diploma and B.Sc. in Tourism Management, and also matcha drinks in her hand. She built her past career in one of the best travel company as Customer Support and Outbound Tour Leader, and currently immersing herself in a new world. Deepwater lover and adrenaline junkie. After hitting her head at a platform while doing a stun, she is now a divergent. Currently living life at her best.
Fraja Beha
Creative-Whimsical Designer
A multidisciplinary, results-driven designer and illustrator from somewhere near the Atlantis. Previously, worked as a Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Illustrator and Art Director at a leading animation company in Asia, also at one of the best travel companies in SEA region. She accidentally ate watercolours when she was 3. Currently a full-time digital nomad. Nature is her religion. You can find her in the woods, on the high peaks, underwater or at a concert near your street, as is.
3D Artist
Studied and graduated with a Degree in architecture. However, he pursued his career in fashion designing specifically in runaway projects. Since he discovered another world of metaverese he is now then, working as a 3D and motion artist in blockchain space.
Total supply?
When Mint?
23 APRIL 2022 on MagicEden
Benefit of holding jinkou NFT?
- 10% of merchant subscriptions will be distributed to the DAO wallet
- 50% of secondary market royalty will be distributed to the DAO wallet
- Holders can propose and vote for the next investment of DAO wallet
- Get early access to every product from Jinkou
- Access to VIP lounge in Jinverse
Is the utility live now?
Yes, the j-terminal is currently live now in 2 countries, and more are incoming. The first j-terminal in Terraform Labs HQ in Singapore. Terraform Labs is the company behind $LUNA and $UST.
Is there a demand for j-terminal?
Currently, more than 400 merchants from 20 countries who applied to use j-terminal in their store at the moment. If you want to be part of it, please register
What wallet can I use to pay at the stores that are using j-terminal?
Phantom Wallet for $USDC and TerraStation Wallet for $UST
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Web3 Ecosystem for Future Commerce
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